Transmissions & Differentials

Point Spring & Driveshaft full-service repair shops specialize in transmissions and differentials. We provide comprehensive services for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. We utilize OE specified gearing components for all repairs done in our shops and install the highest quality remanufactured replacement units from our in-stock inventory, minimizing down-time. We want to get you back on the road quickly. Our professional, experienced technicians will diagnose your problem and become your solution provider for an accurate and thorough repair. With years of experience, our technicians ensure quality service, whether it be repair or replacement. So, whether you drive a construction, agriculture, refuse, on and off-road applications, dump truck, ready-mix truck, heavy haul or medium-duty application, you can trust that our complete transmission and differential services will keep your wheels turning

  1. Diagnostic Troubleshooting

  2. Component Benchwork

  3. Complete Allison Automatic & Manual Services

  4. Transmission / Differential Remanufacturing

  5. Transmission Repair & Replacement

  6. Differential Repair & Replacement

  7. Custom Spec Ratio Design

  8. Preventative Maintenance & Inspection