How We Started

Point Spring was originally located on Water Street in downtown Pittsburgh, now known as Point State Park. The company was originally part of the Detroit Steel Products Company, and later was purchased by Roland Steel.

Move to Oakland

The company, owned by The Rowland Steel Co. at the time, moved to Melwood St. in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, since this was the thriving transportation hub at that time.

Becoming a Specialty 

Over the next several decades, the company began repairing driveshafts and distributing various driveline components. Since then, this craft has been perfected to become one of PSD's specialties.

Federal Aid Highway Act

On this day, Dwight D. Eisenhower signed this act to establish a program to fund the construction of the country's high system. This act created the infrastructure allowing America's trucking industry to grow into the modern boom for business and American life that it is today.

Point Spring & Driveshaft is Born  

William N. Ryan purchased the company from Roland Steel. He teamed with the company’s outside financial advisor, Mr. Raymond J. Scherer, and started the partnership that continues today. The company changed its name to Point Spring and Driveshaft Company to better describe the variety of parts and services offered by the company.

Changing Face of the industry

Between the gas shortages of the late 1970's, the deregulation of the industry by the Motor Carrier Act in 1980, and the collapse of the American steel industry at the start of this decade, the trucking industry was pushed to make major changes. These changes were mirrored in Point's next major phase.

Regional Expansion  

PSD purchased Valley Auto Spring in New Castle, PA, which became known as Valley Spring & Driveshaft Co. This same year, Point expanded out-of-state, opening its third location in Fairmont, WV.

Island Spring Expansion

The fourth location was built in Neville Island, PA. This location became known as Island Spring & Driveshaft Co.

Weaver Motor Service Purchase

PSD continued it's growth in the 80's and 90's by purchasing the assets of Weaver Motor Service in Greensburg, PA. After operating for 2 years under its former name, this location was re-branded with the Point Spring & Driveshaft name.

Renewed Leadership

William F. Ryan takes over leadership as Chairman and CEO for the corporation. Mr. Ryan continues the process of expanding into the Ohio, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Maryland regions.

New Corporate Headquarters

As negotiations were in progress to acquire Brake Drum and Equipment Co., the original Melwood St. location was consolidated with the Neville Island branch. This decision was made to prepare for Brake Drum's acquisition and the location they owned in nearby Sharpsburg, PA.

Brake Drum & Equipment Purchase

This day a major leap forward happened for Point Spring when Brake Drum and Equipment was acquired along with all of its assets. These sites included Clearfield, Seneca, New Kingstown, Sharpsburg, PA and Akron, OH. With the acquisition of Brake Drum & Equipment, and the consolidation of Greensburg locations, Point Spring & Driveshaft Co. grew to 9 locations in 3 states.

PSD Goes Online

On this day, PSD first joined the dot com revolution to offer parts and service information online available 24x7 and 365 days per year. This first website gives customers information about our parts, services, and locations as well as a means to contact our organization.

Truck Parts & Service Award

Thanks in large part to our customers, we were awarded the 2005 Truck Parts & Service Distributor of the year award. We strive to provide the level of service that won us the award every year

Teed's Auto Wheel Service Purchase

Point Spring & Driveshaft Co. acquired Teed’s Auto Wheel Service in Meadville, PA. On April 1, 2007 merged this branch with the Seneca, PA location in Meadville, PA. This move allowed PSD to bring full service work to northwestern PA for the first time.

Online parts ordering

PSD expands its web services enabling customers to buy parts and search our parts catalog online for the first time.

Northeast Expansion & the Troy Location

Our most recent location is opened in Troy, PA on the border of PA and NY.

State of the Industry

The trucking industry is flourishing. ATA reports that 9.96 billion tons (68.6% of American freight) is transported by trucks achieving $700.4 billion in revenue and employing 7 million people.

Consolidation of Sharpsburg

Operations at the Sharpsburg location on the Pittsburgh waterfront are consolidated into the Neville Island location to more effectively and more efficiently service the surrounding region.

PSD Digital Expansion

This day represents a launch of the next generation of digital PSD offerings enhancing part searching and buying as well as supporting mobile interaction with the website.

Sell's Truck And Trailer Parts Purchase

Despite the pandemic of Covid-19 in 2020; Point Spring & Driveshaft continues to grow with our recent addition of Sell's Truck and Trailer Parts in Sarver, PA 

Point Spring Acquires Truck Parts Unlimited

In early 2022, Point Spring expanded again with the addition of Truck Parts Unlimited joining the Point Spring Family  

PSD Enters E-Commerce

Point Spring is taking a leap into the digital age with the introduction of it's new ERP system