Engine & Exhaust

Point Spring & Driveshaft full-service repair shops provide diesel engine-related repairs and exhaust system services for medium, and heavy-duty applications. We use premium quality materials for repairs and installations to include: air compressors, fan clutches, filters and water pumps. Because we carry a full line of top name brands for all makes and models of trucks, we’re able to minimize down-time. Our cutting-edge technology and tools can help diagnose problems and our professionally trained technicians have years of experience, ensuring quality service. At Point Spring, our goal is to identify and repair all problems with engine related components and exhaust systems so that you are road ready.

  1. Diagnostic Troubleshooting

  2. Flywheel Resurfacing

  3. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) System Diagnosis & Repair

  4. Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) System Diagnosis & Repair

  5. Fan Clutch Repair & Rebuild

  6. Engine Oil Change & Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service

  7. Complete Exhaust System Service

  8. Belt & Hose Replacement & Installation

  9. Block Heater Replacement & Installation

  10. Preventative Maintenance & Inspection