Electrical Systems

Point Spring & Driveshaft full-service repair shops provide complete electrical system services for trucks and trailers. If it’s your ECU, ABS, lighting or cab accessories, Point Spring is your service center. Our professional, industry-trained mechanics use the latest technology and tools for diagnosis. With our in-stock, premium electrical parts to include: batteries, starters and alternators, wire and cable, and various electrical components, we’re sure to get you back on the road quickly.


  1. Electrical Diagnostic Troubleshooting

  2. Custom Battery Cables

  3. Starter Diagnostics & Replacement

  4. Alternator Diagnostics & Replacement

  5. Battery Diagnostics & Replacement

  6. Cable & Wire Replacement

  7. Lighting Installation & Repair

  8. Computer Controls / Multiplex Wiring

  9. Preventative Maintenance & Inspection