Fifth Wheel Preventive Maintenance
by Fontaine

Fontaine recommends that preventive maintenance be performed after 90 days or 750 hours, whichever comes first and every 90 days or 750 hours thereafter. Check out the video on how to provide proper maintenance on your fifth wheel by clicking on the fifth wheel below:

Remember to use a suitable solvent, degrease the fifth wheel and mounting bracket to inspect for:

  • Loose nuts and bolts in the fifth wheel and mounting hardware.

  • Securely fastened and properly working springs

  • Check to see if both bracket pins are in place and secured by cotter pin or roll pin

  • Rock the fifth wheel front to back checking for interferences.

  • Check for air leaks in the cylinder and supply line.

  • Cracks in the fifth wheel assembly, mounting brackets, and mounting parts.

  • Wear and/or damage to moving parts

Note: If any discrepancies are found matching 1-3, note and solve the issue. If any discrepancies are found matching 4-7, note the issue and contact us.

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