Premium Self-Aligning Center Bearing
By Neapco

Neapco's history and dedication to Manufacturing Driveline Solutions since 1921, and their quality products that are proven to outperform the competition makes them the industry's most experienced and qualified driveline experts. Their Self-Aligning Center Bearings continue this longstanding level of quality.

Center Bearing Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Alignment Capability
    • Allows +/- 10 degrees of driveline angularity  
  • Provides a common mounting platform on the cross member or mounting bracket
    • No bracket changes or shimming are required to attain the desired driveline alignment 
  •  Premium Seal, Higher Load Capacity
    • Extended Life 
  • Easy to cross-reference
    • Provides backward compatibility with previous Neapco part numbers and/or current competitor designs 
  • Direct replacement
    • For all vehicles equipped with OEM self-aligning center support bearing 
  • Incorporates a drain galley. Increased attaching points  
    • Extended Life 
PIG Universal Spill Kit
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