Kysor-Style Fan Clutches
By Kit Masters

The 8901N from Kit Masters features unmatched dual seal performance along with Auto Lock, their patented fail-safe innovation. It can be used to replace K22, K26, K30 and K32® rear air fan clutches, including part #1090-09650-01.

Kysor-Style Fan Clutches Features and Benefits:

  • Dual Seal Protection
    • Extended rear-air shaft allows for a second o-ring. This second o-ring is made from urethane which is resistant to wear caused by motion. Provides a common mounting platform on the cross member or mounting bracket
  • A True Fail-Safe Design
    • Kit Masters' patented Auto Lock feature AUTOMATICALLY ENGAGES the fan clutch when the friction material nears the end of its life, preventing on-the-road failures.
  • Industry-Best Warranty
    • 3-Year/300,000-mile Resetting

    **To maintain your product warranty, you must replace pulley bearings when rebuilding your fan clutch.**

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