Diesel Decoder
By Dayton Parts

Designed for heavy-duty truck owner-operators and small commercial fleets, the Diesel Decoder is a powerful one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool for all heavy-duty truck makes.

Just plug it into a diagnostic port, sync it via Bluetooth® to the free Diesel Decoder by Diesel Laptops® app, and use your smartphone to view fault codes and get repair information. No expensive code-scanning hardware and software needed!

Diesel Decoder Features and Benefits:

  • Read DTCs and Access Instant Repair Help

    • Detects all true fault codes and provides instant access to the Diesel Laptops® repair library.

  • VIN Information

    • Detects and stores comprehensive truck specifications.

  • Total Vehicle Data

    • Use vital trip distance, engine operating hours and more to help plan maintenance intervals.

  • Driver Productivity and Trip Reports

    • View instant and average fuel economy, hard braking events and more, and generate trip reports that can be viewed, printed and shared.

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