24PE Pad Mount Alternator
By Poweredge

PowerEdge™ Alternators deliver the engineering, reliability, quality, and performance that make them the ideal choice for today’s commercial vehicles. a lighter frame.

 PowerEdge Alternators Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Amp Output
    • Delivers higher amps at idle and cruise speed compared to the competition
  • Exceptional Efficiency
    • Efficient design requires less engine power to operate the alternator.
  • Remote Sense Function
    • Batteries are restored more quickly after start-up and battery life is prolonged, reducing cost
  • Technology
    • Segment Conductor square wire design translates into a more compact design with longer life and lighter weight.
  • Quality
    • OE technology adapted for aftermarket replacement
  • Value
    • Lower total cost of ownership

**One year /unlimited miles warranty**

**100% new units. No core charge**

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